Classy Snax provides hogmanay buffet catering across the greater Glasgow area.

Choosing the best Hogmanay buffets for Glasgow events

 It is a busy time of year. The last day of the old year makes way for the New Year, and is the time that is traditionally celebrated here in Scotland. So much so in fact, that people travel from across the world to take part in the many Hogmanay celebrations across the nation.

Thus, as the party season is right on the doorstep, you may be planning your own event.  If this is the case, you may be looking to provide a delicious buffet for your guests. Hogmanay buffets for your Glasgow-based party are in some ways, similar to those that are provided all year round but, it is true to say that you are probably looking for something a little more special.

  • Budget

The provision of the right kind of Hogmanay buffets for Glasgow events invariable start with the budget. You may have an unlimited pot of money to spend on food, or you may be looking for the very best you can get, at the right price.

It pays to have an idea of what you have to spend on everything from the food, to the drink, as well as whether you are opting for the buffet to be self-service or served by a team from the catering company.

Catering companies will give you a price per head, which can vary significantly depending on what you want. You will therefore, need to have an idea of how many guests you are either inviting or envision turning up at your event. This way, you know the buffet will simple dazzle them!

  • Hot or cold buffet

The temperatures around Hogmanay can drop, sometimes to below freezing and thus some Glasgow events prefer a hot Hogmanay buffet. This will increase price but your guests will be grateful for the hot chicken, the soup and jacket potatoes as well as other hot food.

Or, the cold buffet can be just as wholesome and filling, providing there is plenty of it. Again, we can provide buffets that far exceed your expectations and for the price that you think you should be paying for it!

  • Additional considerations

Many people are now more aware of allergies and intolerances, and thus the food provided at your buffet will need to give as many choices to as many people as possible. As well as catering for vegetarians and vegans, we can also provide food that is free from various allergens and so on.
Hogmanay buffets for Glasgow events are important. They are a staple part of the celebrations where people come together to bid farewell to the year gone by, and welcome the New Year with all its challenges.

Please contact Classy Snax to discuss your requirements.


Thanks for organising the buffet of Saturday for me, much appreciated as always. I wanted to pass a comment to you from someone at the meeting:

The facilities and buffet were excellent ... ... please pass on my appreciation to the caterer and/or organiser.right-quote

Jan Dufus, Secretary

Unite the Union