Classy Snax provides a sandwich delivery service to clients across Clydebank.

The ultimate convenience – sandwich delivery in Clydebank

When work is busy and you don’t have lunch with you, the solution can be to ‘work through’ and simply eat when you get home that evening.

But this is not something that should happen and certainly not on a regular basis. Being busy and active but not re-fuelling the body with food nor drink places a stress of your system.

There is a solution and it really is the ultimate in convenience – sandwich delivery in Clydebank… and here’s why it is a great solution for you and your colleagues:

#1 Saves you time

Forgotten lunch? Didn’t get time to make it? Deadline hurtling towards you?

Even when we are in a rush and when we are busy we need to eat. The truth is, when you do eat and drink, you will perform better as the deadline comes hurtling towards you. So rather than not eating at all, take a minute or two to pop online, browse our menu, make your choice and order. Simple.

#2 Healthier than not eating at all

You may think that the odd day here and there without eating is OK but what tends to happen is that we get so hungry, we end up snacking. And snacking on processed or sweet foods that are not the best solution either.

Ordering a sandwich and a drink is the far better and healthier option that enforced fasting or snacking on fast food, sugary treats and so on.

#3 Freshly prepared

You may be wondering if the food is freshly prepared or will it be stale by the time it gets to you.

With Class Snax, we prepare every sandwich made to order so, for example, if you don’t like cucumber, we don’t add it. You can choose from a range of breads too and for when the weather turns a little colder, we have a range of hot food we can deliver too.

#4 Cost-effective

It doesn’t cost the earth either, to order a sandwich and have it delivered. Even better, to reduce the carbon footprint, why not get the whole office to order and benefit from our sandwich delivery service in Clydebank?

#5 When you need it most

Order first thing in the morning for delivery at a time when you need it. For some people and businesses, this will be for the end of a morning meeting or training session and having it delivered on time is important.
We can deliver! Order now!

For more information on sandwich delivery in Clydebank contact us today.


Thanks for organising the buffet of Saturday for me, much appreciated as always. I wanted to pass a comment to you from someone at the meeting:

The facilities and buffet were excellent ... ... please pass on my appreciation to the caterer and/or organiser.right-quote

Jan Dufus, Secretary

Unite the Union