SANDWICH DELIVERY South Side of Glasgow

Classy Snax provides a sandwich delivery service to clients across the South Side of Glasgow.

Experience the convenience of sandwich delivery

There are many reasons why you may choose to have your lunch delivered:

  • Special occasion buffet or lunch – from celebrating the retirement of a colleague to a birthday lunch, sandwich delivery in the South-Side of Glasgow can be a great way of ordering in lunch without the bother of queuing for a large order.
  • Rushed off your feet – there are days when you hit the ground running, staying mad busy all day. It is during these kinds of days that people often go without lunch – this is not goo thus, opting for sandwich delivery in the South-Side of Glasgow is a great way to make sure you get a healthy, delicious snack at lunch.
  • Because it is uber-convenient – there are times when the thought on queuing in a long line at the local sandwich shop or deli just isn’t a great way to spend half of your lunch hour. You can pre-order during the morning by checking out our extensive menu and then let us call on over with your delicious food.
  • Better than going without – skipping meals on a regular basis is not good. Sugar level drop during the afternoon, leaving you feeling lethargic. When this happens, we can reach for the sugary snacks and drinks which gives us a surge of energy that leaves us feeling drained on the other side of the sugar spike. Ordering is convenient, delivery is convenient – it is a win-win situation.

To try out our convenient sandwich delivery, take a look at our menu and gives Class Snax a call!

For more information on sandwich delivery contact us today.



Thanks for organising the buffet of Saturday for me, much appreciated as always. I wanted to pass a comment to you from someone at the meeting:

The facilities and buffet were excellent ... ... please pass on my appreciation to the caterer and/or organiser.right-quote

Jan Dufus, Secretary

Unite the Union