Classy Snax provides wedding buffet catering across the greater Glasgow area.

Elite wedding buffets in Glasgow, without the elite price tag!

A wedding is a busy, emotional day but your guests will need to be fed. But, with a wedding, there is an increased expectation not just about the quality and taste of the food, but the choice available as well as presentation.

Many couples have a sit down wedding breakfast with the main guests and then opt for a wedding buffet in the evening, for all the guests that join them later in the day.

It is also not uncommon for people to opt for a more informal day, and have a buffet and relaxed atmosphere to the whole event. Whichever you choose, you will be looking for high quality wedding buffets in Glasgow from a catering service that is professional.

What are you looking for in a wedding buffet?

We don’t think that a wedding buffet should be ordinary. We think that there should be of the very finest quality, with a substantial range of food choices. This is why we offer a range of elite buffet menus.

Starting at £9.95 per head, the buffet table with be adorned with all kinds of foods from luxury sandwich platters to seafood platters, meat platters and more.

Even better the range of sweets and non-alcoholic beverages are also vast making this the perfect option for wedding buffets in Glasgow (and beyond).

How to order

You will need to call us and give discuss your needs with us:

  • The date and time, including the venue of where wedding buffets in Glasgow are to be delivered is essential. And don’t worry if you wedding is in the height of wedding season in the summer as we can cater for more than one event without compromising on quality and choice.
  • You will need to also supply us with guest numbers so that we can give you an accurate costing of your wedding buffet. The more accurate these numbers are, the kinder it will be on your budget.
  • If you aware of any, you will also need to notify us of any allergies or intolerances that we will need to cater for. The earlier we know about these, the better as it means that your wedding buffet can be enjoyed by all your guests.

Wedding buffets in Glasgow should be delicious and to your liking. Why not call us today to discuss your needs?

Please contact Classy Snax to discuss your requirements.


Thanks for organising the buffet of Saturday for me, much appreciated as always. I wanted to pass a comment to you from someone at the meeting:

The facilities and buffet were excellent ... ... please pass on my appreciation to the caterer and/or organiser.right-quote

Jan Dufus, Secretary

Unite the Union