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Choosing reputable catering services in North Glasgow – how to do it!

You have been given the heavy responsibility of choosing a local catering service to provide the food and drink at your event. This can, on one hand, seem relatively easy – stick a pin in the phone book and call the company – or, you may want to take more time and care over who you pay for catering services at your North Glasgow event.

What do you want the buffet to ‘say’?

This may, on the face of it, seem an odd question. But before you commission a company to make a pile of tuna and mayonnaise sandwiches, take a moment to think about what you want the buffet, sandwiches and so on to be like.

For example, if it is a corporate event, most companies who are hosting the event want a catering service that is of a high standard, with a large range of food on the buffet. There may be other occasions where the guests may not be with you all day, and they may just need a sandwich or two rather than a three course meal.

What does your budget ‘say’?

However, no matter how grand your ideas, if your budget is not grand to match then all these plans go out the window.

In this sense, you are also looking for catering services in North Glasgow who are not only reputable, but also offer a huge amount of value for your budget.

How big a buffet does it need to be?

This comes down to your event planning and how many people will be accessing the buffet.

There are some events where the numbers are cut and dried – that is, 32 people have booked and paid for the course, therefore a minimum of 32 people will need to be catered for, plus a staff party of 5.

However, there are other occasions where the buffet could be required to feed anything from 4 people to 104. You do need to have some idea of the maximum number you want the buffet to cater for; this also helps stretch you budget as far as possible.

What choices do you want included?

For example, catering services in North Glasgow can provide warm soup and a roll on a winter’s day, or a cold buffet, with pre-cooked chicken drumsticks and vol-au-vents. You may also want a sweet course but again, all this depends on how far your budget will stretch.

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Thanks for organising the buffet of Saturday for me, much appreciated as always. I wanted to pass a comment to you from someone at the meeting:

The facilities and buffet were excellent ... ... please pass on my appreciation to the caterer and/or organiser.right-quote

Jan Dufus, Secretary

Unite the Union